Tuesday, 1 July 2014

(Few) winners and (many) losers

It was interesting to see that ENO have taken an enormous hit in the latest Arts Council cuts. Whilst this is regrettable, perhaps it is not unexpected given the difficulties filling seats and some critiques of its programme. The Royal Opera seems to have come out better than migth have been expected.

Ex Cathedra have done well with a 16.4% real terms increase - fingers crossed for more outstanding scholarly work such as the Brazilian Baroque.

The BBC seemed unable to grasp the issue of real vs. nominal expenditure: a 0.4 pc cut over years is actually much more serious.  A look at the figures on the Arts Council site would make for better reading. 

It cannot not cause worry to see Birmigham Opera, CBSO, LPO, LSO, OAE, THSH, and the Philharmonia suffering cuts of 4.7% in real terms. This is ideological: the same party whose previous PM went to Glyndebourne despite hating opera because she approved of the private finance rather than public subsidy

I was very pleased to see Opera North getting an extra £714,500; a total of £10.4m from the Arts Council. I can't think of a better use of public money. Yet in real terms only a tiny increase.The reality is that many of these wonderful institutions, which give some much economic and other benefits will be under great strain.

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