Tuesday, 30 December 2014

At High Velocity

(Robin Ticciati cond. Scottish Chamber Orchestra, Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh)

Ticciati is one of those people whom it would be very easy not to like. Young, talented and successful. In the pre-concert discussion with a former tutor, he came across as thoughtful and pleasant. 

I was listening earlier in the day to Theodor Currentzis’s glittering but break-neck speed Cosi. To me an unutterable delight, but some will not like this shinkansen of recordings. All I’ve ever heard or read about them is that the particular listener loved it but others might not. This is relevant because a fellow concert-goer – actually a subscriber to the SCO suggested that people find Ticciati a bit too speedy, and that thus he seems superficial. This, to me, is a flawed premise as a ponderous performance hardly equates to depth and profundity. 

The first piece,Widmann's 'Liebeslied for eight instruments' was new to me, so I couldn’t say, but it didn’t appear hurried. The Schumann (Violin Concerto), did seem ever so slightly fast, but this seemed to accentuate the tenderness of the violin solo by Christian Tetzlaff. For the final piece, Haydn's 103rd, 'Drum Roll' the tempo was exactly right.

It made for an evening of thoughtful, diverse music, assembled into an effective and satisfying programme. 

Repeated in Glasgow the following evening. 

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