Monday, 1 December 2014

Just showing off

Stella di Napol (Orchestra and Chorus of Lyon Opera, Riccardo Minasi cond.)

Joyce DiDonato’s photograph on the front of her recent collection of bel canto mezzo-soprano arias makes her look like the star she is, shimmering against a black sky. Each beautiful gem glitters in this immaculate studio recording. The precise and exquisitely timed of the O de X under Y show off DiDonato to perfection. Much like a good undertaker, you almost don’t notice them. To hear these beautiful songs, doing what bel canto does - display wonderful singing.

Exquisite and glittering, what could be more perfect to find in a Christmas stocking than this?
There isn’t a weak item on the disc. Nothing is under four minutes, and most are considerably longer. So it makes for a very satisfying affair. My favourite is probably the item from which the album takes its name- Pacini’s Stella di Napoli – from a scene in which the heroine bemoans her fate and lack of pity.  

It's worth the admission for Pari Dukovic's cover photograph alone

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