Thursday, 11 December 2014

The last time I saw Violetta

La Traviata (Glyndebourne Tour Orchestra cond. Jeremy Bines) 

The 2014 Glyndebourne Tour concluded in Stoke last night, with an undoubtedly lovely La Traviata. I am now entirely resolved that any flaws remaining are Verdi’s (just that the plot needs a bit of a twist really).
It was, of course, scaled back. A bit less slick. A smaller chandelier, maybe; a bit less Champagne for party guests; the large upholstered curving walls were of necessity simpler. Violetta’s bed was more of a couch; the garden shown at the back was in much less resplendent order. This was costume jewellery perhaps than precious gems.
Where at the Festival, Mark Elder and the LPO presented exquisite craftsmanship, on Tour, the noises from the pit were a bit less constrained, almost bombastic at time; at first this was disappointing, but in the third act in particular, it added emotion. It gave some warmth Indeed Act III packed an astonishing emotional punch. Violetta (Iriina Dubrovskaya). Musically Act I is pure joy, and alone worth the admission price. Violetta took a little while to warm up, but by the end of ‘Sempre Libre’, was really wonderful. Much of the audience seemed to have worse hacking coughs than the dying star. Perhaps this in sympathy. Oh and the silly voice over of the letter hard gone too. But then I wasn’t too sure that it was silly. I sort of missed it. 

I was more choked by the final scene this time, despite the fact that, understandably, Mumford’s lighting was much less effective.

The whole cast was strong, eveything was clearly worked-out. That's six-week rehearsals for you.

Overall: pretty impressive costume jewellery. 

Conductor: Jeremy Bines
Director: Tom Cairns
Lighting Designer: Peter Mumford

Violetta Valéry: Irina Dubrovskaya
Alfredo Germont: Zach Borichevsky
Giorgio Germont: Evez Abdulla
Marchese D’Obigny: Benjamin Cahn
Baron Douphol: Eddie Wade
Flora Bervoix: Lauren Easton
Messenger: John-Mackenzie Lavansch
Flora’s Servant: Lukasz Karauda

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