Monday, 30 March 2015

Cabaret Style

John Hackett and Nick Fletcher, Music for Flute and Guitar 

A very pleasant evening last night was had by the handful of people who attended a flute and guitar recital at the Embrace Arts centre in Leicester. John Hackett (vertical flute) and Nick Fletcher (guitar) played an astonishing range of music: some obscure composers, many with a Latin American theme, and some compositions of their own (Hackett’s Overnight Snow and Red Hair as well as Fletcher’s Ciudado con el Gato – beware of the cat).

The piece I enjoyed most was an adaptation of Vivaldi’s Il Cardellino “The Goldfinch”. The only detraction was some interference on one of the speakers in the room. It had been amplified for balance, apparently, but it seemed unnecessary to me quite frankly. All the kit led to quite a bit of faffing. But these were two consummate professionals show range and skill in what they played. These deserve much better attendance. But as it was, the intimate atmosphere was really splendid.

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