Wednesday, 29 April 2015

How to get a ticket to Bayreuth

I came across this in a number of Cook’s Excursionist for May 1886. For those wondering how they might get a seat at Bayreuth, the answer, was Thomas Cook. I do wish it were as easy as asking Thomas Cook now. 

"It has been decided that nine representations of Wagner’s “Parsifal” shall be given at Bayreuth, commencing on Friday, July 23rd, and to be continued every Monday and Friday up to August 20th. And eight performances of “Tristan and Isolde,” commencing on Sunday, July 25th, and to be continued every Thursday and Sunday up to August 19th. These representations will  be under the patronage of King Ludwig II. of Bavaria.

Particulars of fares to Bayreuth can be obtained at any of our offices; also tickets for reserved seats at twenty marks each. We shall also be pleased to give quotations for other and more extended tours, combining France, Italy, Switzerland, the Tyrol, &c."
‘Wagner Festival at Bayreuth’ Cook's Excursionist (1 May 1886), vol. XXXVI, no 4, p.2

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