Saturday, 4 April 2015

If mice can sing, are rodent opera productions impossible?

Some may be familiar with Janis Mitchell's Hamster Opera Company (details of this and her other hamster tomes here). If you have an affinity for hamsters and know something of opera, it may well tickle your funny bone. I love it dearly, occupying as it does that special ground between genius and insanity; I'm never sure which it is. The best bit by far is the drawing of some hamsters getting into a Fafnir costume for Siegfried. Which seems very long for such tiny creatures. Alas, I had always consigned this to the realms of fantasy.

According to the Guardian, however, mice do sing to attract mates. Enjoy below 43 seconds of glorious rodent song.

Video: Guardian/Jonathan Chabout, Duke University

Not quite the Liebstod, but fascinating nonetheless. It offers hope to all those waiting for rodent opera.

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