Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Georg Baselitz's magic rugs

Georg Baselitz in the Guardian:
'"They tell me [Glyndebourne is] rather conservative and more than just a bit elitist,” he says, wondering how at home he will feel there when he visits later this month. “I don’t even like classical music that much – it bores me. Except for Bach. But he didn’t write opera so that’s not much good.'

Despite the orthographic challenge it presents the editorial team, the paper never likes to miss getting in a dig at Glyndebourne. So I'd guess "They" is a hack who has seen nothing on stage there. Baselitz clearly means business: he is flogging picnic rugs to festival-goers - conservatism, elitism and boredom notwithstanding. Rather generous of him? Hardly, given they are £400 each and limited to 50. Read the article here.

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