Friday, 7 August 2015

Ampgate 2: Christiansen couldn't tell if it was

Re. Christiansen's outrageous allegations in the Telegraph over the amplification of Orfeo at the Proms, I was interested to see his response  on Norman Lebrecht's blog. It can be summarized as it was cut out on the web page when he learnt he was wrong - which was after it went to print; a response with celerity but without apology. A letter in the Telegraph today from the Proms Director Edward Blakeman, explains the microphones were for broadcast. Apparently everyone other than the expert critic realised that the dozens of microphones were for broadcasting on the radio. And indeed could hear the difference. As a big clue, no Proms audience would have applauded like that if it had been.
The question as to why the Telegraph feels it is okay to make these adjustments online without announcement is unanswered. Their selection of critic remains mind-boggling. Does it explain all that about Tara Erraught? You don't need to listen to call someone fat.
It is actually a back-handed compliment: that they were so clear, so audible, so perfect in the barn that is the Royal Albert Hall. But not very impressive critically, editorially, or in terms of basic manners. 

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