Thursday, 6 August 2015

Ampgate: Telegraph quietly redacts allegation of amplification

A review of Orfeo at the Proms is yet to be finished for this site, but the professional critics have already pronounced. Most astonishing was Rupert Christiansen for the Telegraph who reckoned it was amplified. He “was rather disturbed by evidence of opera's equivalent to doping in athletics: electronic amplification.” 
A wonderful line, just a shame it wasn't true. Radio Three was broadcasting it, and they tend to use rather a lot of microphones. Yes, some of the keyboard instruments were amplified, but that is quite common in larger venues for this kind of music.
Today, that portion has been removed, apparently without any explanation or apology. As an amateur without any musical training, I might be fooled. But isn’t the point of professional critics that they can tell the difference? Or was the line about doping just too clever to cut? The silent removal doesn’t say much for editorial standards at the Telegraph either. If one makes a mistake, one apologizes.
We can probably conclude that Christiansen could lead the way without any temptation to look behind him.
The latest version is here.

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