Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Beethoven's PC3 on fire (Beethoven PC3 and others/SCO)

Beethoven, CPE Bach and Mozart (Alexander Janiczek and Llŷr Williams dir. SCO/Queen's Hall)
It is hard to imagine a more delightful prospect than some CPE Bach, Mozart and Beethoven by a good chamber orchestra.

The evening started with CPE Bach. I can't really get enough of him. He  A luminous piece, like liquid gold; the flowing melodies one would expect. All of which  characterising the distinctive, attentive but intuitive style of the SCO. In this Alexander Janiczek sat as first violinist and led the orchestra from this point. They amount of eye contact sustained was impressive.

Next came two mozarts: both exquisite, Janiczek  took to centre as soloist. At the end of the first piece, the first violin was encouraged by her elbow to her feet; at the end of the second she firmly instructed Janiczek to take a bow. This reluctance seems to reflect the depth of the relationship at work here. 

After the interval, the birthday boy got the sort of treatment he deserves. This wasn't a perfect rendition but it is hard to imagine it being given more fire. Two directors (both Janiczek and pianist Llŷr Williams were at it) reflected the fact that it is bloody hard to play the piano and conduct from memory. was there are a note or two off? Possibly. But this is a small price to pay for the coherence of having soloist and director in one. The whole thing seemed to gel together, and perhaps Williams infected the SCO with enthusiasm. The amazing achievement was to hear PC3 for the first time. The freshness was astounding. When will I hear it again like that? Any time I like for the next weeks: it was on Radio 3 and is currently available on iplayer. Listen here.
Overall: magic

Alexander Janiczek -Director/leader
Llŷr Williams - Soloist/director

Symphony in E-flat, Wq183/2 (10’)
Violin Concerto No 1 in B-flat, K207 (21’)
Rondo Concertante in B-flat, K269 (07’)
Piano Concerto No 3 in C minor (34')

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