Saturday, 12 December 2015

Breaking it down (Glyndebourne Tour 2016)

I notice that the 2016 Glyndebourne Tour is offering only two productions: a revival of Don Giovanni, already seen at the festival twice (review) and on tour; a new production of Madama Butterfly. Poliuto (review) from the 2015 Festival will be on screen. The reason for this reduction isn't stated. It might be that the cost of Wagner means the subsidy from the Festival budget will be less. It is very sad to see this reduction. I can't imagine there is much opera in Stoke since that painful cut.
The third slot will be occupied by Don Giovanni: Behind the Curtain, which '...will present a specially tailored event offering an accessible introduction to opera. Through a deconstruction of Mozart’s Don Giovanni, the event will reveal opera’s power to convey intense human emotion.' I wonder if that really is a deconstruction  - and is taking the visceral and rendering it intellectual the best way to make things accessible. Breaking it down, surely, would be a better way to put it. And apt too.

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