Saturday, 12 December 2015

Can you spare a few quid?

The Birmingham Opera Company is in the final days of a crowdfunder campaign to support its next production. With Arts Council matched funding at £1 for every £1.50, even a very modest donation will do very much good. This is a chance to support Vick's transformative vision for opera. The tickets are cheap as chips (well about the same as in the Royal Opera restaurant) when they come round, so think about it as paying the full price of your ticket. If they are new to you, see these links for a little more on mad opera evenings in a tent and an old factory courtesy of the Birmingham Opera Company. People from all ten districts come together for these wonderful productions. A young, diverse audience. I think few will not have their ideas about opera challenged by them.

If you have a few spare quid, do visit here if you can before 9:15 on Monday morning.

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