Monday, 18 January 2016

Not that expensive a form of noise after all: Grange Park £10m appeal

Molière once quipped that of all the forms of noise known to man, opera is the most expensive. Quite a reasonable assertion. At £10m, the campaign for the new opera house for Grange Park seems rather modest: Glyndebourne's cost £34m in 1990 (approx £90m today). So this seems woefully low.  It is also to be built super-quick: they hope to move in for 2017 (even if 'scaffolding will envelop an unfinished theatre'). This will seat 700 (Glyndebourne 1200; currently 550), so even if it came in at half that, this still seems awkward. Presumably big donors have been tapped already, and I'd hazard a guess that the Vivien Duffield has already dug deep, and likewise David Davies, both of whom have been chosen to run the campaign. How much is it really going to cost? Will the £10m secure the full thing? Apparently so, according to their press release:
Sir David said:
'The Appeal has been set for £10 million which will cover the cost of building the new opera house with related fees and ample contingencies. An amount equal to nearly a third of the target has already been pledged from major donors in the two months leading up to the formal launch.'
It seems unlikely you could have even a basic structure of the scale and strength needed for the cash. But certainly all good wishes to Grange Park 2.0, and to the indefatigable Wasfi Kani. If anyone can make it work, she can. If you do have the cash, or some of it, please give them a ring.

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