Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Bargain but not bargain basement: book now for the Brimingham Opera Company

Two emails arrived in my inbox within a few hours of each other: one offered tickets for Dido and Aeneas from the Birmingham Opera Company. You can go for only £5 - anyone. It may be anywhere. A nightclub is my guess based on branding. Astonishing value. And the BOC productions are unmissable. Do go and support (generously if you can) them. Click on the picture to book now.

The other email offered applications for extra tickets for the Meistersinger at Glyndebourne, for sixty times the price. Both worth seeing of course, that's the trouble. I do wonder if 14,000 members and associate members haven't bought all 6,000 pairs of seats does that mean that they've found the price ceiling? £290 would have psychologically been much better price point. That's unsubsidized Wagner for you, I suppose. 

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