Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Just what the doctor ordered! (ON/Elisir)

Donizetti, L’elisir d’amore (Orchestra Opera North cond. Tobias Ringborg, Theatre Royal Nottingham)
On 9th March,  L’elisir was an absolute thrill. A strong Nemorino (Jung Soo Yun), a very funny Dulcamara (Richard Burkhard) with amusing small child assisting, no say nothing of an impressive Adina (Gabriela Iştoc), meant musically this was a delight. Set at a sun-soaked Hotel Adina, this was an absolute delight from start to finish. Every bit which could be funny was. Dulcamara’s arrival by balloon, for example, reminiscent of L’étoile at Covent Garden through it was, was a highlight. Jung Soo Yun was a very convincing comic actor, just as every hint of swagger made Duncan Rock Belcore. The arrival of Belcore et al on a couple of motorcycles was likewise jovially done (an austerity version of that car to be seen in Le nozze). Under Ringborg a pacy but tempered account of the score made for a very happy, sunny evening.

Freddie Butterfield as Dulcamara’s Boy, Richard Burkhard as Dulcamara and the Chorus of Opera North. Photo credit: Robert Workman/ Opera North

Overall: spot on

Cast and creative team:
Adina Gabriela Iştoc
Nemorino Jung Soo Yun
Belcore Duncan Rock
Dr. Dulcamara Richard Burkhard
Giannetta Fflur Wyn
Conductor Tobias Ringborg
Director Daniel Slater
Set & Costume Designer Robert Innes Hopkins
Lighting Designer Simon Mills
Choreographer & Associate Director Tim Claydon

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