Sunday, 9 October 2016

Afternoon Recital (In Mo Yang/Merkin)

In Mo Yang and Renana Gutman in recital (Merkin Concert Hall)
An afternoon recital from young Korean violinist with a paino (27 September).

  1. Bach Sonata no 1 – was a searing, intense violin sonata. In Mo Yang indicated this is standard repertoire for auditions and competitions but not concerts
  2. Janáček Sonata for Violin and Piano. This was a remarkable, almost painful piece of music
  3. Symanowski, Three Paganini Caprices, in contrast, was tremendous fun.
  4. Mendelssohn, Violin Sonata F Major, arrange Menuhin was stunning.
  5. As an encore: Clara Schumann, Romance in D Major was exquisite and delicate

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